Monday, April 18, 2011

Super Easy Table Runner

The other day I made a super easy table runner for my kitchen table, and I absolutely love it.

Finished it is 14" wide by 33" long.

I found a fabric that I love (Amy Butler).

I cut my fabric to 33 1/2" inches long and 28 1/2" wide, the half inch accounts for your seam allowance.

Fold your fabric in half, remember to sew it face to face and leave about 10 inches on one end so that you can flip it inside out.

Flip it and sew the 10 inch opening with a blind stitch.

I didn't want to machine quilt it so whenever I have to wash it, I also have to iron it. But that is not very often.

Have Fun


  1. Looks great!


  2. Very Pretty! I love your candle sticks too!