Monday, April 4, 2011

Power of Paint

Have you ever been given a wonderful picture by wonderful people but you just weren't the biggest fan of the picture frame, and of course they went to the time to have it signed by the artist on the back, so of course you don't want to ruin the paper dust protector on the back. Well I have.

So here is a great solution, Paint it. I took a plastic bag and gently tucked it under the picture frame.

Spray paint it, I used Stone from American Accents, I love this stuff, it can make anything look that much more fancy, I have some flower pots that I can't wait to try it out on.

Then wait for the paint to dry before you remove the plastic bag.
And you have an awesome new frame that fits your own personal decor.

Have Fun

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  1. That's really cute,

    Stop by and enter my giveaway!

  2. I might have to try that "stone" thanks for sharing.