Monday, September 5, 2011

Traveling Bag

I made the cutest traveling bag today, and I was so proud of myself it was the first time that I have ever put in a zipper, usually I still just have my mom do it for me.  Now I just need to go on a trip so I can use it.

You will need 4 pieces of fabric cut to 18 X12 

One 18inch Zipper

And a sewing Machine with a zipper foot

Start with your first fabric face up then place your zipper in the middle followed by you next fabric face down.

Use Your zipper foot
 Next do the same thing with the fabric on the other side of the Zipper.

Iron your fabric so that the top and bottom fabrics is laying away from the zipper.
 Next take the four pieces of fabric and lay together with the zipper positioned at the top and sew the four pieces of fabric together at the bottom.
 Then lay your material so that the bottom seam and zipper are both in the middle are laying on top of each other and sew the two sides .  From this point on I found it easiest to work with the zipper only half way zipped up.
 Last, take all four corners of the bag and sew them on a diagonal about four inches from the corner. 
 Reverse and walla you have the perfect cosmetic traveling bag.


  1. Great tutorial! I've been afraid to sew zippers and I think one of my first projects would be one of these type of bags. Love that Amy Butler print, too!

  2. Thanks for the tutorial. I've added it to my 'To Do' list page. I enjoy making Zippered Pouches and I like the shape of this one. Here's a few I've made...

  3. That is adorable and your directions made it sound so easy that I might just try one this evening (all though I have no idea when I would use it!) :) Lovely!

  4. This is a great tutorial! I just got back from a trip. I wish I had found this before I left! I guess I'll have to plan another one. =)

  5. How ADORABLE!!! Would LOVE it if you would link this project up to my turquoise linky party going on right now!!

  6. wow, your tutorial looks super easy! thanks for sharing!

  7. Beautiful job and I love your fabric choice.

  8. Your bag looks fantastic!
    Thanks for sharing
    Lowri :-)

  9. Now that you are a pro I will get the material and zipper in the mail to you sis. Very cute.

  10. Great tutorial, beautiful material. You are awesome!! I am featuring you tomorrow at Strictly Homemade Tuesday. Come by pick up a button and share with us another awesome homemade project.