Monday, September 12, 2011

Pottery Barn Knock Off

I found this awesome Pottery Barn shelf that I thought would be perfect for my sons room. He needs a place where he can neatly display his legos, and also hang stuff.  I figured it would serve a great multi use purpose.

First cut a 1X6 to your desired length.

I cut my side scrolls to a length of two feet, then I traced my desired shape and cut it out with the scroll saw. 

Last I cut a 1X4 to the length in between to the two scrolls, and nailed it all together.

After a lot of sanding and puttying I was finally ready to paint it.

After I got it all finished I realized he might need a second one he has a lot of legos, but the next one will not have hooks.


  1. I love knockoffs. This one is great!

  2. What a great shelf! Don't you just love being able to make it yourself!?! Thanks for linking up to WYLTC!

  3. You did a really wonderful job! The color is amazing! Love those hooks as well. I want to dress up a shelf that I just bought from Michaels. You have inspired me! I would love to have you share this @ Show & Share!