Wednesday, February 16, 2011

1st Try

Today I decided to try my hand at Appliqué. I have never done it and have some seen so amazing projects that I would love to try.
I also wanted to try cutting fabric with my cricut.

First, I took the fabric and ironed on some instant heat bond so that it would be a little
stiffer during the cutting process. (follow the heat bond instructions)

I then ironed it on to the the shirt of choice for this project I decided
to use one of my daughters pajama shirts, because if you mess it up it isn't really a big deal.

Then I took my sewing machine and sewed around the outer edge,
so during washing it will never come off.

So how did I do.
I need to work on my sewing technic but I will diffidently try this again.

Have fun!!

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