Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Tissue Paper Balls

I first saw tissue balls when my Sister in Law made them for her daughters birthday party, and figured I had to try them for myself.  So these ones I made for my son and daughter birthdays, and they were a lot of fun.  

They would be a great decorations idea for any birthday of holiday party, just adjust your colors accordingly.

Items you will need:

Package of Tissue paper
Fishing Line or String

1st open up your package of tissue paper and cut it in half so you have a rectangular shape to work with.

2nd start folding it like and accordion from one of the short sides. 

 3rd tie your fishing wire around the center of you paper,  you want your string to be a couple of feet long because this is how you are going to hang it.

4th cut each end of your tissue paper so that is has a point on each end this just gives your tissue balls a little more character.

 Next you are going to fan out your accordion folds and start peeling the tissue paper up one piece at a time.  Rotating from bottom to top.  
Out of a nine piece package of tissue paper I was able to get 1 large tissue ball and 2 small ones that's not bad for $.97

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  1. Cute decorations. I use to have some hanging in Saige's room and she loved them.