Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Roller Blinds

This week I have decided to make some roller blinds. I love the layered look when you have curtains and a roller blind in wood or fabric. But if you are looking to do that to all of your windows that could get very expensive. So I figured I would try to find a slightly cheaper way to do it.

You will need:
Modge Podge or some clear drying glue.
A peel to width roller blind, I found mine at Walmart for 5 dollars.
Tape Measure

1st- measure your window add a couple of inches for a seam allowance on the bottom also make sure you read all the instructions that come with your vinyl roller blinds because you need to put it back together the same way it was except with fabric instead of the cheap Vinyl.

2nd - You are not going to be able to hem the edges because then they will not be to able to roll up evenly. So you need to trace the outer edge with a pencil or washable pen.
Next put glue on the line that you have drawn all the way around, this will keep your fabric from fraying after it has been cut.
3rd - I saved the vinyl that I took off of the Roller rod so that I can sew it to the back of the fabric then it will be more of a black out shade for watching movies and to keep the heat out.

4th - Hem the bottom, save the plastic rod that keeps the Vinyl laying flat.
Last put the blind back together, you are going to need to glue the fabric back on the rod, I just used my hot glue gun.


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